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Interviews for jobs positions of Sindh Police

Category / Sector:Government
Education:Middle | Matric | Intermediate | Bachelor
Organization:Sindh Police
Expected Last Date to Apply:19 January 2022
or as per paper ad
Gender:Male or Female

Sindh Police Mirpur Khas, Tharparkar, Umerkot Sindh Pakistan invites applications from eligible people. instead of the Police Constable, Lady Constable, Driver Constable, Junior Clerk as per the ad. of January 6, 2022, published daily in the Dawn Newspaper. Qualifications require Middle, Matric, Intermediate, Bachelor, etc.

Recent administrative and other government functions at Sindh Police The closing date is fast approaching. January 19, 2022, see directly from the ad. Read the full online ad on PTS so you know how to apply for the latest job opportunities at Sindh Police.

What is the work of police?

The police are a very essential part of life in society. There is not any other profession that is so good and reliable. It has become extremely necessary to be employed by police after having completed education, career, and studying in this field. If you are looking for what is work of police then read this article for more details and information. Also, read how to search for your dream job with online hiring agencies like Monster.

What is the work of policemen?

The work of policemen has been described as one of the most important professions in the world today. This profession of policing has got its roots in centuries ago. One of the earliest jobs of the police was hunting wild animals to create meat which was later consumed into various meals. The police were also responsible for conducting patrols on highways and along roads to curb crimes and robberies.

The need for Police officers increased over the years with an increase in crime rate in many countries including India. Hence, the police have been recruited in many countries to provide security and peace to the citizens from all kinds of crime. They have some tasks they are assigned to them such as investigation and law and order. Additionally, the police officers perform their duties from the office or at home.

Types of services provided by policemen

The police department provides different types of services such as emergency care to protect people’s lives, investigation, investigative duties, investigation and forensic procedures, community outreach, human resource management and counseling. Besides these, there are other departments of police such as social welfare, child protection, internal Affairs, public safety, and international relations. Some of the departments mentioned above are listed below.

Emergency Care Department

This department handles various emergencies in the police force. These emergencies can include fire, accidents, bomb blasts, car crashes, natural disasters, medical emergencies, motor injuries, and others. The emergency care department provides ambulance service and rescue operations for members injured within the organization. Moreover, it is mainly involved in providing ambulances to different parts of the country. In addition to this, it also assists in transferring detainees to hospitals.

Investigative Duty Department

This police department investigates cases related to crime. As per reports, it has investigated more than 13,000 murder cases so far. Besides investigating crimes related to terrorism, terrorism financing and narcotics. Investigations are made by experts who study evidence and facts. A lot of cases are also handled by investigators.

Investigation and Forensic Procedure Department

This department handles crime investigations, criminal cases, court and legal proceedings, and others. Its main duty includes investigative procedures, identification of evidence, analysis of evidence, evidence collection and filing of case files. The suspects will be taken to the police station as required while filing a complaint against the culprit. On the contrary, if the evidence is not strong enough to make an accused guilty, the suspect will remain in the city court. Additionally, this department collects evidence and performs investigations on murder cases and other violent crimes.

Child Protection Department

This department protects children from abuse, neglect, harassment, violence, sexual assault, exploitation and other forms of physical and mental torture. All forms of child abuse, neglect, harassment among other forms can be referred to as child protection. Child abuse is dealt with by professionals of this department, particularly psychologists.

Intelligence Services Department

This department makes use of strategic intelligence information in matters pertaining to national security, military, technology, and international affairs. Their main aim is to ensure the safety and security of nations and maintain a good relationships between nations. Intelligence Department has also made enormous contributions in various sectors in terms of science and engineering. Such significant contributions would not be possible without intelligence services.

What is the salary of a policeman?

Police officers are highly paid people. The average pay package available by the Pakistan government is around Rs 30,000. The rank of a police officer ranges from Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) up to SSP. According to data published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the number of IPS officers varies with age and tenure. But, in general, the average amount of income for police officers will vary from about 50,000 to 80000 rupees.

How can I apply to the police profession?

There are multiple ways to apply to the police profession. To pursue this profession you might consider career counseling, sponsorship for research, internship opportunities, and others. Here is a list of the most popular and successful career paths for cops:

What is the outlook of the future of police?

The police force has been considered as an institution that serves the whole society, meaning the society will continue losing its rights and privileges by virtue of being armed. Nonetheless, the current scenario indicates increased respect for the police among citizens. Citizens have grown accustomed to the presence of the police in their day-to-day interactions. Although some citizens feel threatened by the presence of the police on the streets, for the majority, the police are a very valuable source of justice in a country like Pakistan.

In case you have decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, then you need to undergo certain procedures. You might require an online registration process in the state, and you should also get additional certifications. Lastly, you need to pass the test and licensing exams like GRE or GMAT. At the same time, the licensing examinations like GRE or GMAT must have been passed. Those who do not have eligibility for any certificate will have to go to the courts and obtain it. Thus, it becomes crucial that you have a thorough understanding of all the stages involved in becoming a police officer along with application guidelines. However, a university degree alone is no guarantee of success. Therefore, regardless of whether you have taken courses of study, getting admission to universities, signing up for scholarships, or joining professional associations, it is advisable that you begin planning for your career early.



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