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Islamabad Police Jobs Apply Online

Category / Sector:Government
Education:Bachelor’s, B.SC, Masters, P.H.D, Middle
Organization:Islamabad police
Expected Last Date to Apply:18 March 2022
or as per paper ad

Details About Islamabad Police jobs

The Islamabad Police Department is one of the oldest and most respected law enforcement agencies in Pakistan. The department has a long history of providing security for the capital city and its residents. The Islamabad Police Department currently employs around 4,000 officers, making it one of the largest police forces in Pakistan.

The Islamabad Police Department is divided into several divisions, including criminal investigations, traffic police, and civil defense. Officers with the Islamabad Police Department are responsible for investigating crimes and enforcing laws in the capital city. They also provide security for major government buildings and events.

If you are interested in working as a police officer with the Islamabad Police Department, you will need to meet certain qualifications. You will need to be a citizen of Pakistan and have a valid passport. You will also need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. The Islamabad Police Department also requires that you pass a physical examination. After you have met these qualifications, you will need to apply for a job with the Islamabad Police Department.

Islamabad police jobs 2022 online apply

Islamabad Police Jobs 2022 can be of interest to people who would like to work for a company that gives them the opportunity to show their love and affection for their country. The Islamabad police force employs staff in many departments. All candidates with the required conditions may be eligible for this job. To join an organization everyone selected must complete an online application. Because offline applications will not be accepted. They provide normal services for candidates. That is why you are joining the Islamabad police force.

There is an advertisement for Islamabad Police Jobs 2022 and eligible applicants are invited to apply on the prescribed application form. Male / Female students with relevant ICT work experience from all over Pakistan are eligible to apply for these ICT Police Services 2022 in accordance with the procedure specified by the organization. They will receive these jobs after the successful completion of the hiring process.

Jobs Positions

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Trainer CTD
  • Hawaldar
  • Colonel / Lt Colonel
  • Upper/Lower Division Clerk
  • Security Guard
  • Patrolling Officer
  • Constable Mounted Police
  • Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI)
  • Constable
  • Constable Band Staff
  • Driver
  • Sanitary Worker
  • Sweeper
  • Cook
  • Naib Qasid

Why it is so Popular?

The popularity of applying to be a police officer in Islamabad can be attributed to a number of factors. Firstly, the job is highly visible and highly sought-after. Secondly, the salary and benefits are excellent, making it one of the more lucrative career options available. Finally, the job is relatively easy to obtain, with no prior experience or training required.

What are the Benefits of Working in Islamabad Police?

If you are looking for a challenging job with great benefits, then the Islamabad Police may be the perfect option for you. The police force is one of the most respected and well-paid in Pakistan, and the pay and benefits are excellent. In addition to a competitive salary, police officers enjoy generous retirement benefits and health care coverage. Working in the Islamabad Police can be a rewarding experience, and the department is always looking for talented officers to join its ranks.

How to Apply in Islamabad Police Job Department

If you are looking for a career in law enforcement, the Islamabad Police Department may be the perfect place for you. The department is currently accepting online applications for its upcoming vacancies, so there is no need to wait any longer to apply.

To apply online, you will first need to create an account with the Islamabad Police Department. After creating your account, you will be able to submit your application online. You will need to provide your full name, date of birth, contact information including email and phone number, and a copy of your ID card. Official Website Link is given down below

  • Interesting candidates apply online at
  • Every candidate must sign-up for an online application
  • So, you have access to the online application form
  • Every candidate must fill their online form
  • Make sure your information is correct and avoid spell mistakes
  • Application other than online will not be considered
  • Only online applications move forward for the selection procedure
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview

The Islamabad Police Department is always in need of talented officers who are willing to put their lives on the line every day to protect their community. If this sounds like the career for you,

The Islamabad Police Department is a highly respected law enforcement agency in Pakistan. The department is well-paid and the pay and benefits are excellent. In addition to a competitive salary, police officers enjoy generous retirement benefits and health care coverage. Working in the Islamabad Police can be a rewarding experience, and the department is always looking for talented officers to join its ranks. If you are interested in applying to the Islamabad Police Department, please visit the official website link below. You can find all the necessary information on how to apply online, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about the police department. Thank you for your interest in joining the Islamabad Police Department!

Details About Islamabad City

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. It is located in the eastern part of the country on the banks of the River Indus. The city has a population of over 8 million people and is considered to be one of the most important economic hubs in South Asia. Islamabad is also home to several important government institutions, including the Parliament and President’s Secretariat.

Police Job is Difficult or Not?

Islamabad Police jobs are difficult, but they are also very rewarding. The police force is often the first line of defense against crime, and the officers who work in this field are often called upon to make split-second decisions that can save lives. However, police work is not always easy. Officers must be physically fit and be able to handle a lot of stress, and they must be able to deal with difficult people and situations.

How many Police stations in Islamabad City?

The Islamabad Police Department employs over 4,000 officers. There are currently 22 police stations in the city.

Islamabad Police Jobs

The Islamabad Police Department is seeking applicants for a variety of police officer positions. The positions include police officers, detectives, and investigators. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and pass the physical examination. Candidates must also be able to speak English and Urdu.

More About Islamabad Jobs

If you’re interested in working for the Islamabad Police, be sure to apply online. The Islamabad Police are a well-respected force, and they’re always in need of new officers. If you have the qualifications and experience required, be sure to submit your application today!

Islamabad Police Jobs Training Process

The Islamabad Police Jobs Training Process is rigorous and includes both theoretical and practical training. Candidates must pass a written test and an oral interview before being accepted into the training program. After completing the training program, candidates must pass a final written test and an oral interview before being hired by the Islamabad Police Department.

What work of Data entry operator in the police?

The work of a data entry operator in the police department is to enter information into a computer system. This may include entering names, addresses, and other pertinent data into a database. This operator may also be responsible for maintaining the database and ensuring that it is up to date.

In Islamabad Police Job What work of  Assistant Sub Inspector

Assistant Sub Inspector is the junior-most rank in the Pakistan Police Force. They are responsible for a wide range of duties, from investigating crimes to providing security at government buildings. Assistant Sub Inspectors typically work in police stations and are expected to handle a variety of tasks.

Sanitary Worker in Islamabad Police Department

A sanitation worker in the Islamabad Police Department is responsible for ensuring that the city’s streets and public areas are clean and free of the trash. These workers also ensure that the police department’s facilities are kept clean.



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