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Jobs in Dolphin Police 2022 (Online Registration)

Category / Sector:Government
Education:Primary | Middle | Intermediate | Bachelor
Organization: Dolphin Police
Expected Last Date to Apply:20 January 2022
or as per paper ad

Some Information Dolphin Police

The Dolphin Force is a special type of police force located in the province of Punjab to deal mainly with street crime. The first battalion of the force was formed against Istanbul police by Punjab Province Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif in Lahore. In the second phase, it was established in the other five major cities of Punjab. Dolphin Force led by SP in areas including Iqbal Town, Saggian Bridge, Harbanspura, Civil Lines, Chung, and Model Town and 50 motorcycles are provided for each category. All the original police and SP staff trained in Turkey and then trained another army under them. This force was formed in Turkey for the first time because of its cost savings, speed, and efficiency compared to surveillance of vehicles and feet. It can also easily cross a narrow street and can roam the cities without heavy traffic. The idea was later adopted by Lahore police and the CM and was responsible for improving police image, reducing crime, eradicating Thana culture, reducing fear of crime, and promoting citizen satisfaction.

How to Apply

  • It is possible to apply for the test by submitting all necessary documents online as well as offline.
  • The procedure to do so is mentioned in the form which should be downloaded from the official website of the department.
  • The registration fee should be deposited in the bank account of the department by issuing a challan and attaching the same with the other documents.

Available Vacancies list

  1. Inspectors
  2. Assistant Accountant
  3. Langri
  4. Sanitary Worker
  5. SSP
  6. Mid-Career Executive
  7. SP
  8. Junior Patrolling Officer
  9. Assistant Sub Inspectors
  11. Accountant
  12. Naib Qasid
  13. Police Man
  14. Junior Clerk
  15. Chief Implementation Officer

What Are Dolphin Police?

The Dolphin police include three main components: the law enforcement element, the crime prevention and control element, and the citizen engagement component. As such, they operate on four basic principles: trust, integrity, compassion and accountability. Their philosophy focuses on community support, public safety and security, community involvement, and individual empowerment. In addition to serving as agents for both the police department and the LWC, the dolphin police also provide additional services to the Bahamian Government.

The following represents a brief overview of those core elements that collectively create the dolphin police. As you will see, each can be applied in myriad ways, from criminal investigations to human rights to civil rights. Regardless of how they may be used, however, it’s important to understand and appreciate two things: why we need them and what these systems are designed for.

They Are Not Just For Criminals…

Crime prevention and control as a whole is not just for criminals, although there are certainly some areas where this system would benefit from this approach. Let me explain. Criminality is among the most difficult crimes to prevent and tackle because of the nature of the offending behaviors. Crimes like stalking, child abuse in today’s society tend to fall into a variety of categories like domestic violence, drug abuse, child exploitation, rape, burglary, robbery etc. These crimes have often required us to rely on specialized criminal personnel and sophisticated tools to prevent their occurrence. While these services can be useful, there are also significant limitations to their usefulness as they are meant to deal with a narrow spectrum of crimes.

Crime prevention requires specific skills that many people do not have. Furthermore, one of our primary responsibilities as a government or person responsible for social services is to advocate for the criminal justice system and ensure that our citizens receive the best possible legal representation. We should not forget that at times criminal justice offenders or victims may not even come out and speak with us on time. It is crucial that our prosecutors and judges know who they are dealing with when dealing with complex crimes. Additionally, while we may be able to help individuals navigate the complexities of court proceedings, criminal defense attorneys may well be another area that we must be mindful of. If there is anything that we should not forget about when defending someone’s rights, it is that criminal defense attorney’s fees can be extremely high. This may mean that it is imperative for government leaders to set reasonable rates that reflect our own standards. Another common problem arises when we find one or more individuals involved in organized crime organizations, organized crime groups, gangs, cartels, terrorists, human trafficking, kidnapping, international terrorism, narcotics cartels or terrorist organizations, etc. who are unwilling to pay or cannot afford to pay enough to compensate for attorney’s fees. Of course, if you cannot pay your lawyer, chances are you are not going to get justice. When an organization, gang, cartel, terrorist organization or cartels decide not to participate in any aspect of our justice system, there is no way for us to make the decision regarding which attorney to appoint.

Crime prevention and control need more than just expertise. To truly save the lives of innocent people, criminals and victims, we must invest heavily in public safety and security. Crime prevention and control also require funding. Funding programs like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is essential to providing resources for national security operations. However, we need to recognize that without proper program oversight, we run the risk of taxpayer dollars being wasted. A prime example of this type of mismanagement occurs when local municipalities such as Miami Beach, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc., invest millions of dollars into programs not needed, such as street gangs. With all of the resources available, and perhaps with the best intentions, they simply end up squandering the funds and not having the proper monitoring. Without a program oversight agency to oversee the money spent, it becomes nearly impossible to protect victims from the harms of bad actors. Our federal government has created a number of national organizations that specifically deal with issues surrounding public safety. There are laws protecting children and victims of domestic violence, mental health treatment and substance abuse. Yet, there is little to no regulation that governs policing officers and their work to ensure that they adhere to human rights as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also lack adequate federal laws to guide us in responding to human rights abuses committed by law enforcement on behalf of civilians. By investing heavily in the criminal justice system, we not only protect ourselves as individuals and our loved ones, but we also save thousands of lives. Each life saved means there is one less trauma victim and countless others impacted by crime. This is why I believe that we as a nation, we should invest heavily in policing to protect us and help end serious crimes.




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