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Join Pakistan Army 2022 as Captain / Major Through Short Service Regular Commission SSRC Online Registration

Category / Sector:Government
Organization:Pak Army
Expected Last Date to Apply:14 January 2022 or as per paper ad
Gender:Male or Female

How to Apply to Join Pak Army as Captain / Major 2022

  1. Candidates may register via the internet or by appearing at (AS&RCs) Army Selection and Recruitment Centers.
  2. Registration will be held from 28th December 2021 to 15th January 2022.
  3. The preliminary Test will be held from February 2022.
  4. For further recruitment, procedure please examine the following image posted on up.

Some Details

Apply to join Pakistan Army 2022 as Captain or Senior by Using the SSRC Short Regular Service Commission Online Registration Those people belong to Medical Field and are looking forward to joining the Military Armed Forces for officer rank. The Pakistan Army, therefore, offers job opportunities to join as Captain / Chief through the General Short Service Commission.

Nominations will be made in various fields such as (General Duty Medical Officers (GDMO)) and General Duty Dental Dental Officer (GDDO) and Specialists). These categories are for Medical Field nominees only but if you are not Medical Field you should apply to join Pak Army as Captain through DSSC 2022 which has been declared valid but if you are not well educated you should apply to Join Pak Navy as Sailor 2022. available today.

How to join PMA or Army in Pakistan

A military school located in Karachi is now offering a three-month training program for university students and interested youngsters through the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA). The course is offered by the School of Military Engineering at Jinnah University and it covers various facets including leadership, self–management, public relations, public service, and organizational skill development. Along with that, another PIMA course also is available through the same institution.

Pakistan has always been known to be the home of artisans as they are the ones who provide their talents through making beautiful decorative pieces made from stone, cement, or metal. Their skills are used in building such buildings as mosques, palaces, and stonewalls; mosques as well as stonewalls, walls and other structures. Since the beginning of this century, the Pakistani Armed Forces have benefited immensely from these craftsmen and thus the army is one of the best organizations for training artists as well as artisans like ourselves. As we would all appreciate our country being so nice to us and the arts of artistry, we need to make sure that our children are able to learn more about the traditions, culture and artistry as well. By learning more about Pakistan and its people, we can make sure that the future of artistry and craftsmanship would not vanish but rather prosper.

Being an international force, Pakistan offers an excellent opportunity for people across different nations to join the army, especially given the fact that we have multiple militaries to offer. For anyone wanting to learn more about the army and know where to get started, here is how one can get the best experience. It’s all about learning everything required.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website Here

Step 2: Click on the Training Courses Section

Step 3: Read Everything You Need To Know

Step 4: Choose Your Course

Step 5: Apply And Get Admission

Step 6: Make Yourself Ready!

This course can be accessed in a variety of ways. One such way is by following here. Just click on the link below and enter your email id and password. After verifying all requirements, the application window will open. Fill out the application form and then come back on the site to submit it.

Once applied, the next step involves finding the right institute for the course. Some institutions also offer programs online. If you want to pursue this online option, you may check out some websites which host many programs for students online. Also, if you are looking to go via the internship process, you can do so and get hired too.

Another path to joining in the army is through the ranks system. If you are interested in becoming officer rank, there is a good chance that after going through all the above steps, you will eventually obtain to the ranks. So, firstly, you will get the rank of a corporal and then by progressing through ranks, you get a commission which makes you a colonel and afterward you get a brigadier and finally you become an initial lieutenant who is currently in charge of a small unit and eventually you get the rank of a major general who is responsible in taking over the entire army.

The army has several branches that specialize in individual services like combat operations, logistics, information technology, engineering, counterinsurgency, ground operations, cybercrime and intelligence. Of course, each branch focuses on specific tasks like fighting terrorism and other matters in a particular area. Through these branches, you can acquire training in all these specializations as well the same goes for the technical courses as well.

One of the most important things to note about any organization is that if you choose it for studies there are several opportunities to get yourself certified and thereby gain higher grades which boosts your chances of getting selected for these courses. Every organization also offers certification courses and therefore making sure that we are able to study under a company as well as ensure that we get a fair degree or diploma and so much more! There is something called “Masters Degree Certification Program” which assures students that the programs offered are the best ever and therefore you get quality education as well. Apart from all these benefits, the army gives lots of scholarships to students studying in them as well. Not only that, they train at par level of the military academy which helps to prepare them for command and even for the position of the chief officer. These scholarships help you graduate early and to serve your country as a citizen.

For anyone who wishes to join in Pakistan military, the best way to do it is by visiting the official website of the army website. From this site, you will come to see all courses offered by the army including those offered online.

The courses offered have been designed in such a way that every student gets easy access to it. All courses on offer from the army include admission and registration as well. Once you apply and are successful in your courses and then you can book for online courses on the army website. You can also download free apps like IOS App Store which helps in staying connected on your phone on the army website also. If you are looking to take admissions and study online in the Pakistan army, this platform is perfect for you as online platforms always have lower enrollment fees which makes them very appealing.

The PIMA online courses are available to students from Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Yemen and UAE too. They are designed in such a way that everyone takes part in the exams for all ranks in the army. There is no need to worry that your academic qualification is not up to date because PIMA Online training is well updated with current academic qualifications. However, it is important to note that since they are meant for all ranks, the course can only be accessed by a limited number of students. Therefore, you should get comfortable with this before moving forward and enrolling!

Once you are satisfied with what you have learned, the last thing you ought to do is apply for jobs. Do note that while the Pakistan army is a multinational force, there are multiple jobs offered to people who wish to work for them. At the moment, we have numerous posts available in companies like construction of homes, maintenance services, catering services and in banking and security. This is due to the fact that with the large pool of talent, we are bound to have such positions. Many employees also possess degrees from prestigious universities and so when you are applying for these roles, just keep in mind that you must have proper records of your academic credentials before hiring.



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