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PAEC New Govt Jobs In Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission 2022

DepartmentPakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC.
Job typeGovernment Job
Req. EducationMiddle, Matric, Intermediate, FA, FSc, ICS, DAE, Diploma, Bachelor
Location QuotaPakistan (All Pakistanis can Apply)
Last Date to Apply22 July 2022

Details About Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is the scientific and technical authority of the Government of Pakistan for development and utilization of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The PAEC was founded in 1956 after the partition of India. The PAEC is headquartered in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

What is the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission?

The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is a government-owned and operated nuclear energy research and development organization based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The PAEC was founded in 1956 with the primary goal of developing Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. The PAEC has since become a leading authority on nuclear technology and production in South Asia, and has been a driving force in the development of Pakistan’s nuclear infrastructure.

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Job Positions

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Assistant
  • Dispatch Rider
  • Driver
  • Cook
  • Painter
  • Technician
  • Carpenter

Data Entry Operator

The job of a data entry operator is to input data into a computer system. They may also be responsible for verifying the accuracy of data that has been entered.


The job of an assistant is to help the person in charge of a particular task. They may be responsible for tasks such as answering phones, organizing files, or scheduling appointments.

Dispatch Rider

A dispatch rider is someone who delivers messages or packages to different locations. They may work for a company or for the government.


A driver is someone who drives a car, truck, bus, or other vehicle. They may be responsible for driving people or cargo from one place to another.


A cook is someone who prepares food for people to eat. They may work in a restaurant or in a home kitchen


A painter is someone who painted something. They may have worked on a painting for a long time, or they may have just done a quick paint job..


A technician is someone who is skilled in the use of technology. They may work in a laboratory, or they may work in the field, repairing machines or fixing communication networks.


A carpenter is someone who builds things out of wood. They may build furniture, or they may build houses or other structures.

How to Apply

The enrollment process for receiving job applications in the department of “Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC” will be continued till the last date to apply 22 July 2022. To apply for available vacant job posts, applicants/Job Seekers must follow these steps:

  • Applicants willing to apply for announced vacancies must apply through the online portal by Clicking Here OR by searching / Browsing
  • Applicants can also send their queries to Company’s officials with help of an Email address which is
  • Interested candidates can also easily read applying procedure & eligibility criteria for all vacant job posts officially announced by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission PAEC in the below Job Advertisement paper.

More information about PAEC Jobs:

  • Click here to Apply Job > APPLY ONLINE
  • Company’s
  • Company’s Address: PO Box Number 2109, Islamabad Capital territory ICT, Pakistan



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