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Some Information About Google

The first site on this list is Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia

Google is not a search engine. That’s not a fact. It is a company that makes web search engines and browsers. If you try to look up something on the Internet, there is no guarantee that it will take you to the page of that search engine. Instead, they provide links to other pages for your search: if you click one such link, you are then taken to another site that has what you might call “A simple listing of things.” This is where everything happens, from how long your search will be to how much money you will make by providing it.

Google is a company that gives information for free to everyone who wishes to know about something. They have provided some very useful information in my search for the best way to drive up to San Francisco. As I searched for facts about Google, I came across several sources which were also all right: Google has always been as well known as ever; they have been around for a long time for example. The thing however that caught my eye is the fact that as a website with Google, we do get an update every so often which tells us when the latest news has been added to them, if anything new has been announced or if there were any updates. For me personally, I don’t think I’ve seen a more important piece of information in my life than that. This is because Google has a large database: they are the second most visited website!

Google is owned by Alphabet Inc, a massive multi-billion dollar corporation (I’ll save the gory details) that also owns many other companies, like YouTube and even Facebook. One of Google’s goals is to produce more value for people by making sure that the results that are shown each time you query something for example are relevant but also easy to read. So they show results that have lots of content for example. There are some great points made here. Firstly, Google wants to give you good answers to questions. Secondly, Google wants people to use their websites in the places where they are asked to so they do get links to sites that you will then visit and look at more. Finally, Google wants people to be able to pay Google for these links and also make money out of it and Google uses this to get users to click on your adverts. So Google pays for your adverts which is quite similar to using the internet. You click on one ad then you are taken to an advert on that site they have created. That site may well have ads that are irrelevant, spammy, or otherwise not really relevant or appropriate, but that is not Google’s problem. But Google does charge a certain amount of money for each ad that gets clicked on, so the more ads that people click on the higher the charges get. And, as a result of this being the case, some websites with Google Adsense will ask you before the end of every month just to see your payment. A lot of research shows that most people who pay Google for traffic are actually going through Google’s ad system. Also, a lot of Google’s profits come from advertisers. By having money, Google tries to push down costs and increase profits and so you can see the reason behind why Google is doing what it does.

When you are searching Google, you will never find yourself without a Google search appearing somewhere in each of those first pages. That is almost everywhere that you go on the Web. However, there are two questions you should be asking yourself when you see Google in your web searches: Is each page relevant? Or, is it simply a place that gives you a question to answer. In the case of the latter, I’d advise against clicking on Google because they aren’t helping you or giving you the answers in a way that will directly improve your life.

Google is the second most popular search engine to use and is used roughly 3 billion times a day. According to a report from Forbes, Google has about 1.3 million Google accounts. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough, the numbers of visitors to Google are still relatively low compared with the rest of the world’s population; Google only accounts for around 20% of the total U.S population and 18% of the international population. There are 2.5 billion online searchers worldwide according to the last statistics available; it’s not surprising that Google would be the number one search engine for one of the World’s richest countries. According to, Google is valued at $1.2 trillion dollars today and has a market capitalization of $500 billion dollars. Google was founded in 1998 by two Stanford University students: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Their motto is something I remember, said after they ran into problems with Yahoo: “Don’t worry about privacy issues; trust us, you will still get a better web experience.” To a point, it made sense. The two founders were experts in computer science and therefore understood how exactly Google worked. When they set up the idea for Google, they had nothing else; they wanted to get into the world of software development but quickly realized that they needed help. After taking advice from other tech entrepreneurs, they landed on something very powerful and simple: to create an indexing platform for all of his friends. Google Search Engine is their core product line and the beginning of the process was their friend search engine. This seems pretty genius to me but it’s not really the truth for Google. All of that happened years ago, and he is still trying to figure out how to compete with Yahoo and Bing. While Google took over in 2000, it was a huge leap that I would guess was taken into account by its competitors.

Google Search Engine is not my personal favorite site, but that doesn’t mean that I am completely opposed to the existence of the site itself. Since Google started, the only concern that I have had was that it was too big of a monopoly and didn’t allow for competition. Today, the average consumer spends between 30 minutes and 45 minutes each day in front of a screen and if they get a little bored, they go back to search engines again and they are very rarely disappointed. Because of this ease of access, it makes me feel like Google is in a league where the likes of Amazon or Netflix are beating them. It feels somewhat unfair in that I have chosen to go on Google instead of shopping and watching movies but because I am so used to seeing lists of products that I buy and being offered recommendations of things I would like; I am now familiar with suggestions that make me happy. Despite the fact that I do love Google so much, I think that Google has become too similar in recent years to the kind that was done by others in the past too. I think to a point, Google’s lack of originality can be annoying. What I dislike about Google is that they have been around since 2000 and yet they are not unique in technology. They look at the same thing that everyone else does: they copy things that others have done, they follow trends and that will probably lead the industry. Just last year, Microsoft copied Facebook and became the #1 social networking site in the world’s top 10 rankings. In order for something not to happen, it needs to come from the ground up. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and resources just copying things that already exist. This is where Google’s downfall lies. If a new feature comes along and takes this approach to the next level, it is bound to happen quickly. With Google, the possibility of getting ahead is there without necessarily needing to invent something entirely new and groundbreaking. Google is trying to move to a position where it is as close as possible to the user, so they can easily understand and relate to their customers and make more money for them. In a sense, when Google is trying to put so much effort into making sure people use it, it is actually stealing from the businesses that created Google itself. Google is starting to look like it is following in the footsteps of the Big Four – Apple, IBM, Disney, and Microsoft. This causes fear because a lot of people are scared of monopolies and competition and a lot of people love it. Those fears are real. Competition in society is good because we all try out different things to see if they work. If Google wants to get to our hearts, why aren’t they letting everybody use it? Who is blocking off anyone who dares try?

Google’s growth in the last few years has caused alarm bells to ring but they do not seem to be having much trouble doing this themselves. This is why I think that Google is a bit of a fraud. Many people have looked at Google and found a legitimate tool that they can use but I honestly feel like Google’s true purpose is simply to make money. Maybe as a reaction to this, Google has started to stop posting advertisements on their own sites and start advertising on websites and apps that include Google Play. This has led to Google becoming less and less effective at offering high quality and valuable content to their customers, leading to the gradual death of Google and possibly turning it into a monster as well. With all this happening, Google just can’t be trusted to help any person get the answers they need to get whatever they’re looking for. On the flip side, despite the fact that Google is starting to lose a lot of money (which many people claim is ‘all for the greater good, however that is not true), Google still has a vast network of advertisers, marketers and agencies. This gives Google a leg up in terms of advertising when most businesses cannot afford to do the same thing. Lastly, Google is very aware that they do not grow



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