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Some people love their work and others don’t enjoy the same and some are just waiting for a dream job to hit. Many people start out as employees, but some just want an office job. When you’re working in either kind of job, it depends on how you work and your personal preferences. But sometimes both the employer (Bussiness) and yourself can be best buddies. How you feel about the workplace is not the only thing that determines which job is better than another for everyone. Also, there are many factors that affect the employment relationship between you and your colleagues or employers. This includes the type of company he/she works for if they have a good reputation within their industry, their attitude to subordinates, and more. All these factors are important when choosing what career is better for you.

Being Independent

One of the main differences between being independent and being dependent is independence. Being independent means that you have full control over one’s life and career. On the other hand, being dependent involves following orders from someone else because they have been instructed through rules and regulations. While freedom can be seen as being independent and autonomy is good for some, being dependent is preferred by some. For example, a doctor can be independent while a bank teller may be dependent. The choice depends mainly on the situation that you’re doing and how you see yourself as an individual and an employee. If you believe that in order to be successful or have a successful business, you need to earn trust, control the amount of money that you put into your company, have strong management skills, and also good communication skills. Your own decisions and judgments aren’t going to dictate the quality of your work and you have to make sure that you know all the details. Otherwise, you could risk losing credibility with those around him or her.

Being Flexible

Flexibility refers to one’s capabilities to take up new jobs or change direction in case one gets stuck. Focusing too much on one area is not the best idea and it’s not easy to maintain focus. Instead, one should try to be flexible. You can go back to school to get an extra degree in a field you are interested in if it helps you get different and better results in life. It will help you to learn the ropes of the world. Even though flexibility is great for some, for some it is a liability especially if you have the fear of losing focus. So, instead of sticking with something and expecting it to be perfect, keep changing and improving your skills. Don’t give up easily as this is a waste of time and effort. By getting used to making new things and knowing what you’re talking about, you’ll have confidence in your abilities.2022newjobs

Being Creative

Creativity refers to the ability to think outside of the norm. In spite of being creative for example, one doesn’t mean to be in a flow state or be an innovator. Creativity is good when there is a problem where we need to come up with ways of solving it. Creativity can be helpful in small businesses too, especially if you have ideas that are unique or interesting. As per a report by Harvard Business Review, creativity has helped companies improve their performance by reducing costs and increasing productivity by 20 percent. The main advantage of creativity is developing new products that fulfill the needs of customers and this improves the efficiency of production and quality at the end of the day. A survey conducted among 150 American CEOs revealed that innovation and creativity were found to increase job satisfaction by 39 percent. Creativity is a key factor that helps you win the hearts of your potential customers and gives you a competitive edge.

Being Independent

Being independent is the ideal way to go about it that makes you successful. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to let others do everything for you or hold your hand. There are so many challenges and problems in today’s society that requires hard-working people like you and me. No boss is happy with being independent but having a solid independent mindset is the best way to overcome any setback that comes our way. To become independent, every part of your life needs to have an influence from you and you need to have a balance between work and home. So, always remember to set your goals before you set other people’s goals.

Being Dependent

Dependence is the opposite of independence. Being dependent implies that you have to follow somebody’s requests or be influenced by them. You need to have a clear understanding of the role of his office, company, or even your family members in making decisions regarding things that he or she is supposed to do. You often have to be taught things that will make you work and this involves having a coach or mentor around you who teaches you things like how to make work better, how to handle money, and more. Having a dependence doesn’t exactly allow you to live off your own accord so you need to practice controlling your emotions and thoughts as well 2022newjobs


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